Because I care….

Sept 4th, 2015 – The 2nd greatest man in my life passed away.

Sept 10th, 2015 – We buried the 2nd greatest man in my life.

The last two weeks have been the 2nd worst two weeks of my life.  I emotional ate my way through them. I ate like shit.  I walked and did a few “runs”, but nothing made the pain go away.  I still felt like shit afterwards.  I started foam rolling and a couple of simple yoga poses hoping to help with my physical pain (God I forgot how much it hurt to just jump back into working out).  But nothing really helped.  So I sat down and I cried.  I cried for a long time.  I allowed myself to just feel all the pain, all the sadness that came with losing someone that close and to allow the pain that resurfaced from when my father passed away to come.  To embrace it all and to let it go.  Afterwards, there was still a dull feeling of sadness, but it was better.  I knew that this was a chance to start new again.

Now, I decided to get back on track. I’ve walked at least 2 miles every day since Saturday. Eating (a healthy) breakfast.  Good snacks.  Healthy lunches and dinners.  Being okay with eating other things as well (in moderation… ) and drinking.  I am going to get back on the wagon and start training.  I need to start caring and loving myself.  It is what he would have wanted.

So here’s to start fresh, loving myself, and killing those calories.. one day at a time…



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